The Twos classroom is buzzing with energy as these little ones are communicating with the world around them, gaining self help skills, and building friendships with their classmates. Learning shapes, colors, and names of objects enhance their rapidly expanding vocabulary.

The after school club at Johns Creek Academy is a bustling environment where students can have fun, make new friends, and continue their learning progress. We offer a variety of activities each day, including homework assistance, reading, creative arts, and cooking projects. These components are blended into our weekly themes that are designed to engage children with new ideas and fun projects. During school holidays and breaks, the fun continues with weekly field trips.

Pre-k Three

The path to a lifelong love of learning Starts  right here

Our infant program provides your precious little one with a loving and secure environment where our youngest minds can take in all the sights and sounds of this amazing world. Tummy time,, art, music, and sign language - and plenty of hugs and cuddles!



Our Threes classroom encourages these budding intellects to work together with their peers on tasks. The Threes are working on letter and number recognition while also practicing printing skills. They are growing up fast!


Our toddlers are always on the go! As they become more independent, each day is a time for exploration and discovery. These little learners' emerging language is encouraged with plenty of talking and singing each day. 



Georgia Pre-K is a state funded educational program for four year olds to prepare them for kindergarten. Each class is funded for two teachers and 22 children and follows the Forsyth county public school calendar. Georgia Pre-K has been at Johns Creek Academy for over 10 years.

Private Pre-K

Private pre-k is designed to prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond. Students are offered a solid foundation of academics taught with a low student to teacher ratio so that each child is given the support he or she needs.

School Age (After School & Summer Camp)

Georgia Pre-K


Montessori Primary Classroom (3-6 year old)

Children in Primary classroom will typically be very active,inquisitive, and learn best by doing. In Montessori the objective is approached in  different ways. First allowing each child  the environment of the learning by his or her own choice rather than being told what to do. Second by helping the child perfect his or her natural tools for learning, so that the child's abilities will grow for future learning situations. Also allowing the child to work at their own pace and being able to advance them to the next level when he or she is ready. This teaches confidence and learning with passion also focus on strengthening  them in the following areas practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, science and geography. 

Practical Life- personal care, care of environment, plants, animals and classroom, food, preparation, grace and courtesy, fine/gross motor skills etc. 

Sensorial -development of the five sense, exploration with geometric shapes, preparation for decimal system.

Mathematics- addition, subtractions, concept of multiplication and division, patterns, numeration, money, fraction, quantities, etc.

Language Development- writing, pre-reading, reading, phonics, vocabulary, development words building, alphabet, etc.

Geography- gain awareness of the world around them by exploring other countries, their cultures, food, music, language and animals. 

Science- biology, botany, zoology, etc.